Pat Thurston’s Interview of Dr. Mark Levy on KGO Radio: Where does he stand on the issue of President Trump’s mental health?


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President Donald J. Trump & First Lady Melania Trump / Washington, D.C., 1-21-17  -U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Paige Behringer


Dr. Mark I. Levy, prestigious forensic psychiatrist, talked with Pat Thurston on KGO Radio 810, this evening. He referred to the book he’s reading, Twilight of American Sanity…A Psychiatrist Analyzes The Age Of Trump, by Allen Frances, MDThurston brought up that a group of psychiatrists are feeling a professional duty to alert the public to their beliefs that President Trump is psychologically unfit to be president. Levy responded by bringing to light what Dr. Frances of Duke University is addressing in his new book. Frances, another renowned psychiatrist, who has been sought after to speak on the subject of Trump’s mental health, gives his take on the subject in this book. Dr. Levy spoke of the book’s revelations.

It’s beside the point that we see symptoms of mental instability in the President’s behavior. As a society, we suffer from many collective delusions. Such as: guns, (America stands out here in obsession), population growth (the myth of no worries), climate change, & trickle-down economics (proven many times over to be false). The list goes on. No matter, the people put him into the Presidency. Levy points out that many are dumbfounded (including him): There’s no EPA! There’s no ambassador to North Korea- the biggest hot spot on the planet! Despite any analogy of ineptitude, we’ve made him president (never mind the long-election story). The issue of the president’s mental health shifts to the sanity of our society in Twilight of American Sanity…

 Dr. Levy said of Pres. Donald Trump: He is talented in targeting people’s grievances & addressing them, a trait shared by authoritarian leaders throughout history.

Levy seems to be finding value in this newly-published book. I’ve included a link to the book if you want to check it out.

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