A Sure Sign of Looters in Aftermath of Paradise Inferno

Brad Welton  of Paradise, considers himself a survivor, not a survivalist. The other night he saw flashlights scanning his neighbor’s property & knew, “A sure sign of looters.” He pumped his shotgun, & the tchick-tchick echoed through the burned forest. “They know what it is. They take off.”

His blind mother, Norma, age 90, didn’t want to leave. He & his mom’s caregiver, Michiel McCrary fought the blaze together. –East Bay Times based article

photo- by Randy Vasquez for EBT

Cultural Musings

Sometimes a thing & the opposite of  that thing are true. -Wynton Marsalis  /via Ken Burns on A & G Show   #TheVietnamWarFilm from Ken Burns & Lynn Novick  #CulturalTransformation

Mission Sonoma – a visit there shows life recreated as it may have been. We’ve learned there was a lot for the Native Americans to hate. In light of Marsalis’s quote, did they find parts of their lives fulfilled?