inbrief: Failure as Opportunity

A mistake is an event, the full benefit of which has not yet been turned to your advantage. -Unknown

Ed Land, founder & president of Polaroid for decades & the inventor of instant photography, had this quote on a plaque on his wall

-from The Fifth Discipline by Peter M. Senge      *One of my own mistakes was getting sand in my camera lenses! I had to crop out a spot on this photo. The advantage- I read up on tips for preventing this next beach visit.palm frond in light (sand spot removed)-2

How to Vanquish Jet Lag, According to an Expert Jet-Setter — Kopitiam Bot

(Source: Whether it’s for leisure or business, the jet-setting lifestyle can seem appealing — but the jet lag that often comes with it can be quite the opposite. Nadia Clinton, Delta Air Line‘s Country Manager for the UK and Ireland, has spent her entire career flying the globe, so she’s certainly an authority on how […]

via How to Vanquish Jet Lag, According to an Expert Jet-Setter — Kopitiam Bot

Cultural Musings

Sometimes a thing & the opposite of  that thing are true. -Wynton Marsalis  /via Ken Burns on A & G Show   #TheVietnamWarFilm from Ken Burns & Lynn Novick  #CulturalTransformation

Mission Sonoma – a visit there shows life recreated as it may have been. We’ve learned there was a lot for the Native Americans to hate. In light of Marsalis’s quote, did they find parts of their lives fulfilled?


Cloaked – Bay Area Skies & North Bay Fires


As of Oct. 11, 2017, just days after the North Bay wine-country fires began in CA, the Bay Area’s blue skies were being cloaked by the smoky-haze of the fires. In only three days, the fires were thought to produce as much small particle matter (PM 2.5), as the 35 M vehicles on CA roads generate in one year.

Some areas have heavier fuel/ growth than others. “For example, I would expect the Redwood Valley Fire burning in Mendocino to produce 2-3 times more smoke per acre burned,” said Sean Raffuse, air quality analyst at the Crocker Nuclear Lab at UC Davis.

The amount of smoke is significant because PM 2.5 is associated with respiratory & cardiovascular problems in napa

The sunrise is enveloped by smoke in Napa. -photo by Rich Pedroncelli/ APfire sonoma

-photo-Rich Pedroncelli of APMan and dog during evacuation from Sonoma.

“Unless, an air mask is certified as #N95, it’s less than useless.” -Fire Official

fire santa rosa

Not even the cloak of smoke can hide the devastation from fire on this Santa Rosa neighborhood.     –photo by Nick Giblin/ Drone Base/ via AP

fire santa rosa chimney

The smoke cloaks the sun as a chimney stands to witness its destroyed home in Santa Rosa.           -photo by John G. Mabanglo/ EPA-EFE/REX

in brief small size

Cloaked is also fitting, as an allegory in this writing prompt. It represents the grief & sorrow that attends this “serious, critical, catastrophic event.” (Cal Fire Chief Ken Pimlott) People and animals have died, people have lost everything, and the trauma cannot be cloaked. The Bay Area, however, stands ready to envelop our neighbors with our love and support. We honor the firefighters of California & ALL other states that came to help. Some have lost their own homes in the North Bay. We’re reminded that their profession is made up of special men & women who put their own lives at risk to save ours. We honor and appreciate them!


USA Today

**a big shout out to firefighters throughout CA fighting fires!!**